Monday, August 21, 2006

Fixing Out of Memory Errors with Eclipse 3.2, Mac OS X

I've recently been getting out of memory errors with Eclipse 3.2 on Mac OS X. Initially, I bumped the maximum heap size to 512MB, but that wasn't sufficient. I then saw that the problem was actually with the PermGen size. So I bumped that up from the default 64MB to 128MB. So far so good.

On OS X, you change these settings by editing There I set -Xmx to 512m and I added a parameter, -XX:MaxPermSize, and set it to 128m. My complete eclipse.ini file is here:



Julien & Joanne said...

It's work fine now ! Thanks :-)

Chip McCormick said...

worked for me in Windows (that file lives in the eclipse install directory in windows). Thanks!

Shraddha said...

This might be a stupid question. But I'm unable to find eclipse.ini in the eclipse folder.