Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Custom Tomcat Server Location coming in Eclipse WTP 2.0

Web Tools Platform 2.0 M5 News

This looks very cool (scroll down to "Configure Tomcat's Paths"), especially for us portlet developers. It's been challenging using Eclipse WTP to run and debug portlets because WTP wants to take the Tomcat installation you provide, copy the server parts to a temporary location, and then deploy your webapp there. So it doesn't matter if the Tomcat installation you tell WTP to use has GridSphere or Pluto installed, they won't be there in the temporary location (neither the portal webapps nor shared/lib). Of course, you can manually copy the missing bits into the temp location, restart the server in Eclipse and get something working, but only after much consternation. So I happily welcome this new development and look forward to using WTP 2.0 when a final release is made.

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