Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PURSe Portlets 1.1.0 Released

Just finished tagging and releasing a new version of the PURSe Portlets. There are several great things in this release. The one I am most proud of is also the one least apparent to the casual observer: the PURSe portlets are now synced up with the mainline PURSe codebase. In PURSe Portlets 1.0.x, I had made modifications to the PURSe 1.0 release, but now I am a PURSe committer and I've committed some of those modifications and bugfixes into the PURSe trunk. Also, I've developed an install script for PURSe that will install PURSe and it's dependencies, including a minimal deployment of Globus. This should take a lot of the pain out of getting started with PURSe for the new user.

Additional new features include:
  • Added an AJAX "Check availability of username" to registration portlet
  • Forgot password portlet now resets the user's password instead of revealing it
  • Administrative portlet has a paged table of users
  • Administrative portlet also allows to add a single user or multiple users at once
  • Portal/portlet "branding" greatly simplified and aligned with PURSe
See the release notes for more information, or the download page to get it now.

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