Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pluto Server Plug-in Screencast Posted

Just finished the screencast promised for the Pluto Server Plug-in. It's fairly simple, goes through installing the plug-in and then creating a simple "hello world" type portlet and deploying and displaying it in Pluto.

Unfortunately, the size of the screencast, produced with Wink, comes it at a little over 10MB. I need to figure out how to keep these guys from getting so bloated. Using color palette now, has reduced the file size to just under 5MB.


Dwayne said...

Your a beautiful person for this
How can I help?? I use this almost

Marcus Christie said...

How do you want to help? I'll welcome patches, documentation, whatever. I plan on getting the project hosted on google code at some point.

Thanks for the feedback!

Dwayne said...

I'm not sure because I'm new to this opensource stuff. But I have a wide
knowledge base I technically program in java and php. everything else I know is "automated knowledge" that I have looked up. Just assign me so small tasks to start of and lets let it grow from there.

I do have a website

Alp Aykut said...

Hi, i watched your demo of pluto server plug-in but i can't run the portlet. when i try to run the pluto server, i always get a "Could not publish to the server.
java.lang.NullPointerException" error message. In spite of the exception the pluto server runs normally and i can open the portal. In the portal i can see apache pluto portal driver and pluto test suit but there is no hello world portlet. the video is excellent but i'm a newbie on portlets and i don't get some steps, for example:
1- when you right-click on the server to run, i can't see which menu item you've selected.
2- i can't see the start bar so it's not clear which window you are working on.

and finally do i need to install maven? because i can't see maven instructions on the console while i'm trying to run the server.

thanks in advance...

blairt said...


I have installed your plug-in for eclipse and I watched your screen cast. All went very well until I went to publish my servlet. When I select "publish" the server starts up just fine but when the plug-in tries to publish the portlet I get a "null pointer" error and the plug-in stops.

I have maven 2 installed with the maven-ant tasks and the maven-pluto -ant tasks available. Can you help me to get past this error?


Anton said...

Hi Marcus,
The idea of this project is realy great! Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I get the same error as alp aykut reported earlier: "Could not publish to the server.

How can I fix it?
Thanks for youur work!