Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eclipse Pluto Server Plug-in, v. 0.2.5 (now on Google Code)

Just finished moving the Pluto Server Plug-in code over to its own project page, pluto-server-plugin, on Google Code. I created a new minor release, v. 0.2.5, just to switch over the update site to the one on Google Code. Switching over a plug-in's update site took some experimentation, but here's how I did it (for future reference and for anyone else needing to change a plug-in's update site)
  1. Change the Update Site URL for the Feature to the new update site.
  2. Bump the Feature version and do a new release to the old site. Users with an older release of the plug-in will get the update which will point them to the new update site for future releases.
  3. Change the Update Site URL in the Update Site's site.xml file. Publish the update site to the new update site location.
So hopefully it will be a seamless update for Pluto Server Plug-in users.

1 comment:

Craig D said...

Thanks for doing this. I have put a link to the Google Code site on the Pluto web site.