Saturday, June 06, 2009

Combining blogs

Summary: I'm combining my personal and professional blogs. All my posts will go into this blog. If you only care to get my technology related posts, please update your feed reader to subscribe to just the Technology Related Entries.

A couple of years ago, when I started blogging, I decided (as I had seen others doing) to create two blogs: one for blogging on work related things and one for blogging about everything else in my life. The main reason for having two blogs was so that people who are interested in my technology, work-related writings (i.e., coworkers and colleagues) could subscribe to and receive only those and likewise for my personal blog posts. In the meantime, however, has added the labeling feature which allows me to create feeds of subcategories of this blog.

So going forward every technology related blog post will be tagged with the technology label. I've created a feed just for these posts. Otherwise, if you subscribe to this blog in the normal way, you'll get all entries. Maybe I'll create other feeds for other sub-categories, but for now I'll leave it at

What will I be writing about going forward? Without making any firm commitments, here are some things that I would like to post about in the near term future
  • Adobe Flex (which I've been learning about and using at my current job)
  • Homeschooling and parenting
  • Book and movie reviews and discussions
  • I've become interested lately in better code design and also software development processes, so I hope to blog on what I've learned and will be learning about these in the future
  • Python, specifically the TurboGears framework
Your feedback and comments are welcome. Here's to writing more blog posts and writing them more regularly!

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